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Press Service
Leading a New Trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Greater Bay Area in the Post-pandemic Era, South China International Industry Fair 2020 Successfully Concluded

The South China International Industry Fair 2020 (SCIIF 2020) was successfully concluded at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall) on 15 October, embracing not only over 500 enterprises with their innovative products and solutions of industrial automation, machine vision, industrial robots, laser intelligent manufacturing, laser auxiliary equipment and components, optoelectronic technology, intelligent equipment, new-generation IT, digital factories, but also a total of 39,208 visits and nearly 200 buyer groups during four days.


The intelligent manufacturing industry in the Greater Bay Area undoubtedly takes on a new look in the post-pandemic era thanks to this successful industrial exhibition jointly organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai and the Donghao Lansheng Shanghai Industry & Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd with no efforts spared. According to the organizers, SCIIF 2020 encountered the 40th anniversary marking the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and that both sides would expand show sub-topics and layout in future in an attempt to fully supporting the manufacturing industry in the GBA, drawing magnificent chapters for development of the times.


Well-known automation enterprises including WAGO, ELCO, HIWIN, HANS, Schmalz, Connectwell, LAPP, AGRO, Murrelectktronik, YOUNGSUN, CODESYS, CC-LINK, Hongfa, ICOTEK, OPC, FORCECON, cpc, ZKH, SRT, IAI, Standard, OKAGV, IPLUS MOBOT, SYNTEC, Chelic, NODKA, CHENKONG, HIT De Gong, AirTAC, YIHEDA, NBK, Leadshine, MOONS’, AKRIBIS, Ruijian, NB, PMI, TBI, TAOZI, SunYoung, Gashda, ZEDA, SATA, LINK, Keli, Cableplus and GKONCY displayed a variety of intelligent equipment, products and solutions in Hall 10 and Hall 12. Among which WAGO debuted WAGO SCADA, a new generation of software for supervisory control and data acquisition based on IoT architecture and Web technology. It not only supports mobile terminal access, but also provides one-time source code authorization and deep integration with third-party applications, creating an independent and controllable software platform for system manufacturers or integrators. Elco exhibited IoTHub Suite, a lightweight Industrial Internet product, by which a large number of devices could access the Internet for data transmission, cloud computing, remote operation and maintenance, coordinated scheduling and other applications of the Industrial Internet. Thus conditions could be created for cross-sector coordination of OT and IT and for the connection and integration of the physical world and the digital world. For the first time, MURR introduced the concept of Next Level Solution to the South China followed by the debut of MVK Fusion in China, its latest fieldbus module that makes installation easier and more convenient as software developers and electrical engineers complete the task solely with engineering tools in safety control system.


Pioneering enterprises in machine vision technologies including COGNEX, Daheng, Basler, Keyence, Edmund, LucidVision, CBC, Microview, Marposs, Micro, Alphax, OKI, OPT, STIL, SAMSUN, T-KING, ONS, SMD, HENGGONG, SSZN, SANGU, DCS, CSRAY, RICHENG, BIAOQI, HANSVISION, LINK, SATA, CkVision, Dongsheng, Mstar, DEEPVA, HinYeung, LIMTOPTICS, Phenix, Coolens, Dehong, CANRILL, HUAZHOU, POMEAS, FOCTEK, HywyTech, DeHong, DongZheng, Mvotem, Unite, Chishine, Shijie, Rsee, Pomeas, precision TUOSHIDA, Chuangshi, PPXMV and KSC have also made a sparking appearance.


The 3rd CSIG National Visual Inspection Technology Academic Exchange, an authoritative conference of machine vision in South China, was held at the same time under the theme of Integration of Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Application of Visual Inspection. Many well-known university scholars and insiders from Nanovision, Daheng, Basler, Wesee, Cognex, Chishine 3D, Edmund, Dongsheng, HC Vision, OPT, LUCID Vision, CK Vision and Samsun Tech have delivered thematic speeches and carried out exchanges and cooperation on integrating research, industrial production and application. Shipeng Li, IEEE Fellow shared insights of the new research direction and industrial trend of the Intelligent Internet of Things (IoIT); Wei Zhenzhong, Yangtze River scholar and professor at Beihang University, delivered a report on dynamic optical measurement of landing pose on aircraft carrier; Jianhuang Lai, Deputy Chair of the China Society of Image and Graphics and professor at Sun Yat-sen University introduced the application of flexible visual inspection in packaging and printing.


Another large-scale exhibition during the same period of SCIIF 2020 is LASERFAIR SHENZHEN in Hall 9, gathering leading enterprises including Han's Laser, HG Laser, Hymson, Smart Prima, Tianhong, Lead Laser, Dapeng Laser, Baisheng Laser, Ande Laser, Sunshine Laser, Strong Laser, Raycus, Maxphotonics, Huaray, ZBTK, East Winner, Reci, GW Laser, RFH, Super Laser, United Winners, Han's Scanner S&T, Carman Haas, DK Laser, O-Net, Keyence, EC+Ophit, DXS, Anewbest, Teyu, Free Trade Laser, Feiyue Laser, Huahan, LoGAN, Ruida, Gainlaser for the purpose of underpinning the transformation and upgrading of the laser industry in South China in the post-pandemic era.


Standing out firstly is Han's Laser. It demonstrated G4020HF high-speed fiber laser cutter, P6010D automatic fiber laser pipe cutter, LION 3015 single-table fiber laser cutter and HL-CM-15000 fiber laser and other advanced laser manufacturing capabilities and equipment. Han's Laser also has triumphantly signed business contracts on site. Next, Hymson Laser brought to the public its MP6000 series, the LIO series of laser cutter, the Q series of QCW laser welder and other devices, making a stunning appearance especially for its ultra-high-speed and high-precision cutting technology and intelligence capabilities. SmartPrima showcased a new type of high-end self-spraying laser pipe cutter, a testimony to the importance of technological innovation that empowers manufacturing and fuels the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in the GBA. Dapeng Laser signed business contracts on-site for DPE-H3015D-F3000W-M fiber laser cutter that could effectively address clients’ requests by realizing one-time precision and rapid laser mold cutting. Three products from Tianhong Laser, TH-GHF4020 fiber laser cutter, green-glass laser driller and infrared line laser of picosecond for glass cutting, were presented and it also signed on orders of laser cutter with customers on site.


The concurrent blockbuster LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference 2020 took a combined online and offline form gathering top experts and representatives of leading enterprises from the optoelectronic industry of the United States, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Lithuania and China to focus on cutting-edge laser technologies, innovative concepts and the latest applications. They have discussed the development trend of the global laser industry in the post-pandemic era, providing a platform of exchange and communication for upstream and downstream enterprises and practitioners in terms of knowledge acquisition, application exploration and industrial development. According to statistics, the Plenary Session on 12 October attracted 367 on-site attendees, while the live broadcast on that day drummed up 5,629 visits. Parallel forums of ALAT 2020 China Ultrafast Laser Micro-nano Processing Conference, ALAT 2020 China High-energy Laser Automatic Processing Conference and Investment and Finance Summit for Laser and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry 2020 witnessed a total of 732 on-site attendees and 5,490 online visits. The number of clicks on playback has been continuing to grow so far by nearly 50%.


More than a dozen of experts, scholars and leaders in the laser industry including Prof. Dr. Connie Chang-Hasnain, Member of US National Academy of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Yury Kulchin, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Carmen Menoni, 2020 President of IEEE Photonics Society, Dr. Moritz Förster, Managing Director of Working Committee Laser and Laser Systems for Material Processing within VDMA, Prof. Dr. Beat Neuenschwander, one of the Initiators of SWISSPHOTONICS, Prof. Dr. Anand Asundi, Past-Founding-Chair of Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore, Mr. Kestutis Jasiunas, Member of the Board of Lithuanian Laser Association, Prof. Dr. Chunlei Guo, Professor at the University of Rochester, Prof. Dr. Zhu Xiaojun, President of Wuhan Laser Association of Optics Valley of China, Prof. Dr. Gang Chen, Professor at the Chongqing University, Prof. Dr. Gan Zongsong, Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Dr. Daishu Qian, Senior Optical Engineer/Product Manager at Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics Co., Ltd. delivered keynote speeches. Experts presented and carried out professional and in-depth discussions on cutting-edge issues such as VCSEL, ultrafast laser, ultrashort pulse laser, prototype development of laser manufacturing equipment, application of photonics in marine monitoring and development, and the status quo and market activities of the laser industry in Germany, Singapore, Lithuania, and China, followed with lively interaction with on-site attendees.


SCIIF 2020 attracted nearly 200 enterprise delegations including Foxconn, Mindray Medical, Bandai Toys, Yida Apparel, ZTE, Galanz, Kyocera, Skyworth, Macro, Midea, BYD, Huawei, FAW-Volkswagen, Angel, BYD Lithium Battery, Midea Kitchen&Bath Appliances, Midea Refrigeration, Midea Home Appliances, Sunlord Electronics, VTech, Konka, Flex and Ricoh for purchasing. The next year’s show will remain at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall) from 29 June to 1 July, 2021.




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