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Press Service
A Successful South China International Industry Fair 2021 witnesses visit number doubled

Co-organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. and Donghao Lansheng Shanghai Industry & Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd., the South China International Industry Fair 2021 (SCIIF) was held with grandiosity in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao’an New Hall) for three days from 27-29 September. It was co-staged with the concurrent ELEXCON and the 10th World Industrial Development Forum at the same period, attracting more than 1,200 exhibitors from home and abroad on a total exhibition area of 120,000 sqm.


SCIIF 2021 takes the opportunity that “Made in Shenzhen” is going deeper with innovation as a driving force to make something exciting and different. With seven theme sectors of industrial automation, machine vision, laser technology, CNC and metal processing, robots, IT and application for a new generation and the industrial Internet, the show created a grand platform for business with an integrated industrial chain. The number of debuted products set a new record, with domestic and overseas industrial giants including Schmersal, PBA System, the Imaging Source, SMU, Deratech, ELCO, ITEM, WellinTech debuting globally or within China their new products. This three-day event received 48,512 visits, twice that of the last edition, together with over 200 VIP buyer delegations, up by over 50.


According to the show organizers, the successful SCIIF 2021 fully embodies the innovative vitality and broad prospect of “Made in Shenzhen” in the landscape of the “14th Five Year Plan”, supporting advanced manufacturing and industrial clusters in Shenzhen even the whole South China in high-end development.


Three Major Forums Propelling Innovative Development of the Industry

Among three major forums during SCIIF 2021 worthy of high attention, the LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference 2021 (LMN 2021) inaugurated on the first day was a culmination. Lining up for LMN 2021 were domestic reputable guests with proven strength together with foreign experts such as Professor Gerard Mourou, Nobel Laureate 2018, Dr. Connie Chang-Hasnain, Member of US National Academy of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Yury Kulchin, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaierle, Executive Director of Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Prof. Dr. Beat Neuenschwander, One of the Initiators of SWISSPHOTONICS, Prof. Dr. Katsuhiro Ishii, Director of the Optical Society of Japan. They shared with participants advanced technologies and engaged in Q&A online and offline. The organizer of the conference said that as the laser industry benefited from an expanding application market, it would support markets worth hundreds of billions for smart manufacturing, aerospace science, bio-medicine, and material structure, whose potential is to be reckoned with. LMN 2021 will actively deliver on its original mission that is, making its due contribution to creating more economic benefits for the industry.

In addition, CSIG Seminar on Advanced Visual Technology and Application focusing on frontier technologies of automation was also warmly received by the industry. Under the theme of Visual Technology: Empowering New Infrastructure, it embraced experts from universities and research institutes including Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong University of Technology, Tiangong University, South China University of Technology, and Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as outstanding business representatives from EHIWAY, Foxconn, Riseye, SAMSUN, Watrix, Piqs, OPT to brief on the status quo of application for machine vision technology and share application achievements in a bid to deeply integrate advanced visual technologies and its application in innovative products. Prof. Dr. Jianhuang Lai, Vice Chairman of the China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG) presented the industrial application of flexible visual inspection technology; Prof. Nian Cai, Executive Director of Guangdong Graphics Society shared the application of machine vision in smart manufacturing; Prof. Limei Song, Executive Director of Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Society delivered a report on high-precision visual detection and smart robots.


The well-known 10th World Industrial Development Forum was successfully concluded under the guidance of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) and Shenzhen People’s Government. Initiated by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries (FSZI), it is an open and high-end international forum. Under the theme of Creating a Highland of Digital Economy and Leading High-quality Development, it witnessed the presence of nearly 500 attendees including leaders from ministries, famous scholars, reputable business leaders and reporters from the press. According to the Forum, the global development of digital economy entered a period beaming with major strategic opportunities and China keeps its leading position in digital economy. Developing digital economy is conductive to addressing numerous structural problems in development, thus driving quality development of the economy. Deep integration of digital economy and conventional industries produces new business forms and models, which is a piece of good news for the upgrading of economy and transformation of growth. This strengthens the resilience of Chinese economy and strongly powers socioeconomic development.


According to the show organizers, with three major events joining hands, an important highlight was created for it comprehensively laid out the industrial prospect, and presented insights to visitors thanks to its closeness to the industrial development direction in South China.


High-quality Show thumbed-up by many Exhibitors

Despite being delayed twice by the pandemic, a high quality SCIIF still attracted a large amount of visitors and buyers to be on site. Meanwhile, many exhibitors highly praised the show, especially leading companies in the sector of automation and machine vision including Beckhoff, ORIENTAL Motor, WAGO, ELCO, OPT, SAMSUN, TTi, Langce, Guangcheng, Spree, RCCN, Phoenix Optics, T-XlNG, Marposs all expressing recognition of SCIIF. They also extended appreciation unanimously to organizers for exhibition content, quality of audience and on-site services.


Mr. Rui Hu, General Manager of Laser Extreme Manufacturing and Industry Specialized Machine Intelligent Cutting Business Group of Han's Laser was quite satisfied with the results, remarking that, SCIIF 2021 was a precious opportunity for Han’s Laser and its clients to carry out exchanges and cooperation, thus supporting information sharing and communication between domestic and overseas markets and across the whole industry. With resources better integrated, laser could be applied to a wider field. Han’s Laser showcased frontier and innovative achievements and solutions of intelligent laser devices, including high-power laser cutter, laser pipe cutter, laser device, CNC and laser head, as well as other hard-core products. This proved Han’s Laser’s strength in smart manufacturing and is the reason why it has gained love and attention from new and old customers. He expected to cooperate with SCIIF in 2022, not only to lead innovative industrial development, but also to support long-term and stable development of manufacturing in China.


According to Mr. Lei Li, Director of Domestic Marketing Department of Bodor, SCIIF 2021 boosted Bodor Laser’s brand influence substantially in Guangdong even the whole South China, a great booster to creating momentum and raising public awareness of its brand.


Mr. Jianfeng Zeng, Head of Marketing and Brand of MAX photonics remarked that as a rare moment for the whole laser industry, SCIIF 2021 witnessed explosive passion from on-site Chinese and foreign exhibitors together with the audience towards unlimited vitality of laser industry. The concurrent LMN was world-class since its inception. LMN, as a high calibre forum, was attended by top scientists and authoritative experts for frontier technical exchanges.


Supporting Events Demonstrating the High-end and Leading Role

During SCIIF, the show organizers orchestrated nearly 30 important supporting events including forums and matchmaking events to explore frontier topics and industrial development direction, as well as conclude deals and cooperation, fully proving that SCIIF serves as pioneer and wind vane in leading high-end industrial development. Richness and influence of the show have been further enhanced.


Besides, more than 200 VIP buyer groups organized by those industrial giants such as Foxconn, BYD, Huawei, Midea, Gree, ZTE, Huayang, Xiaomi and TCL to visit the show for procurement. The next SCIIF will be held in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao’an New Hall) from 7-9 June in 2022.




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